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Belongs to a very reputed family of lawyers and High Court Judges.
Father and Grand Father both Hon'ble Judge of the Allahabad High Court

Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra

Advocates For High Court in Allahabad

  • Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra belongs to a very reputed family of Lawyers and High Court Judges.
  • Father and Grand Father both Hon'ble Judges of the Allahabad High Court. Chamber has been continuing for the last about 80 Years.
  • In best tradition of legal profession, our objective is to provide Efficient and Effective legal service to our clients while ensuring the best Economy for them.
  • Fairness, integrity and our client's best interest are our guiding principles.
  • Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra has gained the Legal Education from one of India's most reputed Institute - I.L.S. LAW COLLEGE, PUNE.
  • Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra has also specialized in CYBER LAW from ASIAN SCHOOL OF CYBER LAWS & GOVERNMENT LAW COLLEGE, MUMBAI.
  • Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra has also specialized in SECURITIES LAW AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT from ASCL LAW SCHOOL.
  • Advocate Pranjal Mehrotra has also specialized in INSURANCE LAW from NATIONAL INSURANCE ACADEMY, PUNE and ILS LAW COLLEGE, PUNE.
We provide legal services in all dispute matters. You may be a victim of consumer fraud or financial frauds; we will help you to get the justice. We have experiences team of expert lawyers. Lawyers at our side have the knowledge of all legal laws and acts like consumer protection act, Insurance law, Finance laws etc. We assure you to provide guidance and assistance of legal actions according to the requirement of the case. All the agreements and other paperwork will be our duty once you hire our lawyer. We are the team of top lawyers in high court of Allahabad. If you are searching for the best lawyers in Allahabad, you are at the right place. We provide legal advice in banking laws like loan issues, finance laws like finance frauds, service matters like govt. service issues, Land Revenue matters like change of land use, Rent control matters like property issues, education matters like student rights, Arbitration and conciliation matters like commercial contracts, public interest matters like public interest litigation, consumer protection laws like false advertisements and insurance matters like change of policies. Each and every aspect of legal rights and laws can be accessed through our expert lawyers. If you want definite success and judgment in your side, you must go for most recommended advocate in Allahabad which is on our panel. Our lawyers are the professionals in legal actions. We strive to provide effective and excellent legal services to our clients. We also ensure these services at minimum cost so that the services will be affordable for them.

Core Practice Area

Service Matters

Top Lawyers and Advocates For Allahabad

We have best lawyers in Allahabad. They offer legal solution for any kind of issues related to government employment. They provide excellent solutions. Very low number of firms in Allahabad has the best advocates to solve the service matters. We have team of most recommended advocate in Allahabad who are best at resolving service matters. We have attorneys who will help you in all litigation which arise during government service problems. Our advocates are excellent at solving tread union matters. We complete knowledge of Industries Dispute Act with which we can assure perfect solution for the service issues. Our firm has best high court lawyers in Allahabad to provide solution for illegal dismissal matters.

Land Revenue Matters

We have qualified top lawyers in high court of Allahabad who can draft all required documents, representation, and petition in concern with land revenue laws. Our experts handle all land revenue litigation matters brilliantly. We have best lawyers in Allahabad who are qualified in land revenue concern.
Lawyers at our side understand important aspects which regulate land revenue laws. Our lawyers handle land revenue matters like mutation of land, challenge to award of land acquisition, de-notification of land, partition matters in land revenue, legal documentation related to land revenue, demarcation of land, legal advice for land revenue issues, change of land use (CLU) matters etc.

Rent Control Matters

Rent control laws regulate the property transactions. Property may be commercial, industrial or residential housing. There are number of rules applied to the property which meet certain needs. We have top lawyers for high court in Allahabad they know these laws which ensure rate control management.
Consult our experts before singing any rental agreement. Show the agreement to the best lawyers in Allahabad at our side to explore any kind of potential laws in it. You must consult with experts having skills of legal advisor to avoid delicate legal errors. Our lawyers will take care of all the legal part

Educational Matters

We have expert lawyers to give legal advice and solution about education matters. Our lawyers can solve the problems of educational matters like rights of special needs of students, access of students to the public schools, rights under Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), discrimination problems and many more.
You can hire best advocate in Allahabad from this platform. They can help you to protect educational rights of the students at public school as well as at higher education institute. You can find most recommended advocates in Allahabad who are good at maintaining your comfort and can provide services at lower cost.

Arbitration & Conciliation Matters

There is huge increment in number of arbitration disputes. We have the most trusted team of advocates in Allahabad. We can offer best services to resolve arbitration and conciliation disputes. In this matters client needs genuine advice from expert. You can find such expert advice from our team of famous lawyers for high court in Allahabad.
We offer domestic arbitration services, complete check on rules of ICA, professional intervention services, drafting of arbitration services, legal advice on conciliation etc. Our experts have experience in cases related to commercial contract, construction agreement, contractual dispute and service agreements.

Public Interest Litigations

The public interest litigation is the use of litigation i.e. legal actions. This action when use strategically can result in social change. The public interest litigation lawyers will help you to access justice. You can consult our top lawyers in high court of Allahabad to challenge government policies which violet human rights or standards of equality.
You can contact our expert lawyers to get the legal redress which can help in creating awareness among public. This can also be used to bring social changes by raising awareness in social, economical, legal and cultural factors. Our lawyers can help you to empower the civil society.

Insurance Laws

Our qualified expert team of lawyers provides excellent insurance law solutions. In covers policies of insurance companies and rate of change of these policies only a professional lawyer in insurance law can sense the risk of laws in the insurance. If you are facing a problem of your insurance policy regarding denial of clams or any other bad faith issues you can consult our best advocates in Allahabad. In the issues surrounding insurance you must get legal advice from experienced lawyer in Allahabad. Our team can assist you in all cases involving claims, coverage and contracts related to automobile, health, and home insurance.

Banking Laws

If you are facing the problems like bank fraud or bank discrimination you must consult our team of best lawyers in Allahabad providing solutions concern with banking laws. It is necessary to seek legal advice from advocate when it is matter of finance concern with banks. Savings, loans and other bank operations may create legal issues which can be solved by experienced lawyers only. As we have team of top lawyers in high court of Allahabad. You don’t need to search for best legal advisor. You can get best possible solution at our platform. We can solve all financial security problems also.

Finance Laws

Best lawyers in Allahabad at our side can provide best possible solutions for your financial issues. If you have faced financial fraud from banks or other financial corporate you can claim legal notice for justice. There are number of laws which protect investors and consumers both. Our expert team has knowledge of all this laws and acts with which they can provide solutions for the financial frauds. If any financial institution violet agreement of credit cards, mortgage or any other aspect, you can file legal action against them by consulting advocates at our side. Consult our lawyers for taking legal action according.

Consumer Protection Law

Our lawyers having expertise at consumer protection law handles wide area of issues like product liability, consumer fraud, false advertising and scams. Any of you faced such illegal action you can take legal action against them. It is very frustrating when someone falls under scams. We have experienced advocates who are best at handling such issues under consumer protection law to ensure justice. You can hire lawyers from our platform as we have best lawyers in Allahabad dealing with the frauds under consumer protection laws. We provide solutions according to the consumer rights of consumer protection laws.

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