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Service Matters

Top Lawyers and Advocates For Allahabad

We have best lawyers in Allahabad. They offer legal solution for any kind of issues related to government employment. They provide excellent solutions. Very low number of firms in Allahabad has the best advocates to solve the service matters. We have team of most recommended advocate in Allahabad who are best at resolving service matters. We have attorneys who will help you in all litigation which arise during government service problems. Our advocates are excellent at solving tread union matters. We complete knowledge of Industries Dispute Act with which we can assure perfect solution for the service issues. Our firm has best high court lawyers in Allahabad to provide solution for illegal dismissal matters.

Land Revenue Matters

We have qualified top lawyers in high court of Allahabad who can draft all required documents, representation, and petition in concern with land revenue laws. Our experts handle all land revenue litigation matters brilliantly. We have best lawyers in Allahabad who are qualified in land revenue concern.
Lawyers at our side understand important aspects which regulate land revenue laws. Our lawyers handle land revenue matters like mutation of land, challenge to award of land acquisition, de-notification of land, partition matters in land revenue, legal documentation related to land revenue, demarcation of land, legal advice for land revenue issues, change of land use (CLU) matters etc.

Rent Control Matters

Rent control laws regulate the property transactions. Property may be commercial, industrial or residential housing. There are number of rules applied to the property which meet certain needs. We have top lawyers for high court in Allahabad they know these laws which ensure rate control management.
Consult our experts before singing any rental agreement. Show the agreement to the best lawyers in Allahabad at our side to explore any kind of potential laws in it. You must consult with experts having skills of legal advisor to avoid delicate legal errors. Our lawyers will take care of all the legal part

Educational Matters

We have expert lawyers to give legal advice and solution about education matters. Our lawyers can solve the problems of educational matters like rights of special needs of students, access of students to the public schools, rights under Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), discrimination problems and many more.
You can hire best advocate in Allahabad from this platform. They can help you to protect educational rights of the students at public school as well as at higher education institute. You can find most recommended advocates in Allahabad who are good at maintaining your comfort and can provide services at lower cost.

Arbitration & Conciliation Matters

There is huge increment in number of arbitration disputes. We have the most trusted team of advocates in Allahabad. We can offer best services to resolve arbitration and conciliation disputes. In this matters client needs genuine advice from expert. You can find such expert advice from our team of famous lawyers for high court in Allahabad.
We offer domestic arbitration services, complete check on rules of ICA, professional intervention services, drafting of arbitration services, legal advice on conciliation etc. Our experts have experience in cases related to commercial contract, construction agreement, contractual dispute and service agreements.

Public Interest Litigations

The public interest litigation is the use of litigation i.e. legal actions. This action when use strategically can result in social change. The public interest litigation lawyers will help you to access justice. You can consult our top lawyers in high court of Allahabad to challenge government policies which violet human rights or standards of equality.
You can contact our expert lawyers to get the legal redress which can help in creating awareness among public. This can also be used to bring social changes by raising awareness in social, economical, legal and cultural factors. Our lawyers can help you to empower the civil society.

Insurance Laws

Our qualified expert team of lawyers provides excellent insurance law solutions. In covers policies of insurance companies and rate of change of these policies only a professional lawyer in insurance law can sense the risk of laws in the insurance. If you are facing a problem of your insurance policy regarding denial of clams or any other bad faith issues you can consult our best advocates in Allahabad. In the issues surrounding insurance you must get legal advice from experienced lawyer in Allahabad. Our team can assist you in all cases involving claims, coverage and contracts related to automobile, health, and home insurance.

Banking Laws

If you are facing the problems like bank fraud or bank discrimination you must consult our team of best lawyers in Allahabad providing solutions concern with banking laws. It is necessary to seek legal advice from advocate when it is matter of finance concern with banks. Savings, loans and other bank operations may create legal issues which can be solved by experienced lawyers only. As we have team of top lawyers in high court of Allahabad. You don’t need to search for best legal advisor. You can get best possible solution at our platform. We can solve all financial security problems also.

Finance Laws

Best lawyers in Allahabad at our side can provide best possible solutions for your financial issues. If you have faced financial fraud from banks or other financial corporate you can claim legal notice for justice. There are number of laws which protect investors and consumers both. Our expert team has knowledge of all this laws and acts with which they can provide solutions for the financial frauds. If any financial institution violet agreement of credit cards, mortgage or any other aspect, you can file legal action against them by consulting advocates at our side. Consult our lawyers for taking legal action according.

Consumer Protection Law

Our lawyers having expertise at consumer protection law handles wide area of issues like product liability, consumer fraud, false advertising and scams. Any of you faced such illegal action you can take legal action against them. It is very frustrating when someone falls under scams. We have experienced advocates who are best at handling such issues under consumer protection law to ensure justice. You can hire lawyers from our platform as we have best lawyers in Allahabad dealing with the frauds under consumer protection laws. We provide solutions according to the consumer rights of consumer protection laws.

Labour Matters

As we all know the labour law facilitates healthy relation between the employee and the employer. If any one of you is facing any kind of harassment at your workplace then you don’t have to go through the pain silently. The courts are open for you to find a way out. But no case can be faught without a good lawyer. Advocate Pranjal comes from a family of TOP ADVOCATES IN HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD and is among THE BEST HIGH COURT LAWYERS IN ALLAHABAD. To have LAWYERS SERVICES IN ALLAHABAD'S HIGH COURT can be unaffordable but we offer services at very reasonable charges.

Stamp Matters

It is important for every individual to understand the importance of legally transferring the property on your name when you buy it from someone. So if you are planning to purchase a property then you need to have a proper registration for which you need to pay a government tax known as stamp duty. Advocate Pranjal is one of the BEST LAWYERS IN ALLAHABAD; we offer best facility for in favour of public. The charges we offer for legal procedures are nominal for everyone. In order to have a hassle free transfer of property feels free to contact us.

Contractual Matters

Before signing a contract you have to go through legal procedures. These procedures need thorough study so that there are no further evaluations or problems while confirming the contract. The legal papers for signing any contact cannot be prepared without the help of a good lawyer. Advocate Pranjal is one of the FAMOUS LAWYERS IN HIGH COURT OF ALLAHABAD. So before you prepare any contact you must prepare proper legal paper considering all the necessary details and point so that the work is done in the most righteous manner and in time as the court hearings take longer to figure out.

Food Safety & standards Law

Whenever you are going to start a new business, the standard of FASSI needs to be kept in mind. All these standardized procedures need a skilled lawyer with the most proficient experience. Advocate Pranjal is a top lawyer of high court in Allahabad who can solve these matters most beneficially. The common mistakes one does while starting any business related to food or nutrition is we neglect to undergo the certification procedure. We should never forget to have a certified business. So to have your business certified to sho that your food or product is safe and healthy for consumption contact advocate Pranjal so as to get proper guidance and get you work done with ease.

Electricity laws

Distributing and transmitting electricity comes under law as generating electricity uses resources. And these resources come under the configuration of governing bodies. Therefore court keeps great care of the individuals and keeps a track of firms taking up this duty to see that the work is being done properly and ethically.
Advocate Pranjal, one of the top most lawyers in Allahabad helps you with the legal preparation of paper related to these matters. He not only a good lawyer but also comes from a lawyer family. His qualifications are no less than any top lawyers around. Without any worries you just have to discuss the lawyer and he will come up with the solution.

Land Acquisition Matters

Acquiring land is never an easy task and involves a lot of court proceedings and court orders. When you have to take a land which initially belongs to someone else, a lot of permissions and court hearing go into it. Land cases generally take longer than others because the deals have to keep straight with benefiting price quoting to both the parties. But this can be an easy work because Advocate Pranjal is one of the Most Recommended lawyers in Allahabad who deals with these cases. He is among the renowned lawyers who can deal with these cases very easily and help you get out of these matters.

Petroleum law

If you are working for explosives, which is otherwise an offence can be an issue which needs special permissions. These firms need legal documents and papers before establishing any such authorized setup. And these legal procedures become quite difficult without the help of a lawyer who has managed these kinds of cases before. Because these firms work on explosive matters, court needs to be sure whether the work is legal or not. Advocate Pranjal provides Lawyer Services in Allahabad to help the people with these issues. The service can be availed by anyone by taking a proper appointment and a brief discussion about your case.

Company Matters

A lawyer can help in many company matters, from assisting with the development process, creating agreements and, if necessary, comprising you in legal cases. Our advisory solutions aim to ensure tight conformity with relevant control while guaranteeing that the company needs of the customers are resolved in an optimum manner.
Company Lawful Compliance is now viewed as a separate service because of its complexness and because it is quite time intensive.
The reason for hiring a company attorney may not, however, be so obvious. A good company attorney will offer vital assistance in almost every aspect of your company, from basic zoning conformity and trademark and signature advice to the formal business development and legal cases and responsibility.

Tax Matters

A taxation attorney will be able to protect you if a tax power accuses you of under-reporting your taxation, and if you are violating any tax law.
We offer a unique, tough-minded, realistic tax and Tax Matter solutions. Whether you’re an individual or a company, you need one of the best tax lawyers; a tax attorney with an expert reputation, skill, experience and information. You need a tax attorney who is aware of your needs in the full perspective of your facts and circumstances. You need a hire a tax attorney who is sensitive and will get you results. You need tax law lawyers who are widely-known to be management on the Tax Matter.

Criminal Matters

If you've been charged with against with a crime, you're coming into the globe of the criminal justice system. In this globe, a knowledgeable attorney is critical to help handle your case and obtain the best possible result. Many defendants will be able to get a public defender to signify them at no cost, but others may not qualify economically or prefer to employ a private attorney. In this section, we'll explain who can get a free attorney, and who must (or should) seek the help their own criminal defence attorney. You'll also learn more on finding a lawyer, what you should expect from your attorney, and how to handle your attorney with such Criminal Matter.

Aviation Law

We have realistic, hands-on information about working within the aviation market including suggesting airways, lessors, bankers, aviation producers, ground handlers, airports, MROs, shipping forwarders, insurance providers, trip providers and travel specialists all over the globe.
Our objective is to blend our extensive information of the aviation sector and our legal skills to develop professional solutions that make company sense. We take pride in assisting our customers to reach professional, usable solutions across an extensive variety of dealings and projects, at the cutting-edge of the company and legal improvements.
The ideas we obtain from our different practice enable us to achieve our customers' goals more wisely.

Real Estate & construction Law

Our law firm’s property lawyers are familiar with all aspects of real estate dealings and procedures. We signify owners, sellers, buyers, designers and traders, from simple dealings to highly innovative and complex deals including both residential and professional customers.
We offer quality advice and legal skills with respect to purchase, sale and renting agreements, financing, legal cases, relationships, joint projects, loans, foreclosure, development, construction, rents, landlord-tenant problems and other property solutions. Our experience and expertise to handle an extensive variety of legalities for our real estate clients are one of the outlines of our service.

Intellectual Property Technology & Media

Our Information Technology and Media Law practice signify customers in a big selection of matters, providing both business advice and representation in litigation. Our lawyers have protected customers against numerous attorney claims, intrusion of privacy actions and regarding police records and open conferences problems.
We recommend businesses on the best way to commercialise and to implement intellectual property rights and how to develop and to manipulate their technological innovation. We do so in the sections of patents, copyright, trademark, designs, privacy and know-how, domains, image rights and data source rights as they may correspond with digital and other technological innovation, media, the internet, designs, brands and consumer products.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Commercial lawyers are lawyers who recommend organizations and government authorities on business-related problems.
This covers a huge selection perform, and commercial law firms are separated up into divisions, known as exercise places, where the lawyers focus on a particular type of perform.
Our customers consist of a cross-section of market and business, from community organizations operating in the natural resources sector to self-made business owners. And though each organization is different, there are much common legality that business organizations face. Our lawyers help customers evaluate, evaluate and maintain their organization and tax components, suggesting on officer and home responsibility problems, discussing and preparing certification for contracts, contracts and organization financing dealings of all types, and guidance on business problems ranging from resource management to business development.

Health Care

The healthcare industry is subject to lawful and regulating requirements that regulate every aspect of the way business is performed and services are delivered. The fast modifying healthcare environment requires innovative, yet sensible methods to the demands facing the market. Our healthcare lawyers are equipped to advice a diverse customers on schemes for the ever-changing healthcare background. Not only do we comprehend healthcare law and the market, we also know the healthcare market and what pushes it, allowing us to give our customers both quality lawful and organization guidance. We listen to our clients’ organization goals and perform to combine specific lawful and market knowledge, relationships and strategy to reach comprehensive, innovative and certified alternatives.

Maritime Law

Maritime law, also referred to as admiralty law, comprises of the laws and case precedents that regulate lawful conflicts coming on navigable rich waters. Navigable rich waters consist of all bodies of water that are capable of being used for road or foreign business. Thus, a large river that moves into the ocean or passes across condition lines would fall within historic authority. A lake entirely within a single state would not. This area of the law deals with a variety of actual circumstances. Included in this are commercial injuries resulting in harm to veins and freight, seamen injuries, and dangerous material leaks. Maritime law can also apply to piracy and criminal activity, liens against a ship; wake damage, and towage contracts. Furthermore, in many cases, authority has been upheld in recreational sailing injuries that occur on navigable waters.

Environmental Law

Environmental lawyers act as both advisors and lawful advisors in the security of the environment and natural resources. As advisors, they advise customers on their proper rights and responsibilities with respect to the environment. As legal advocates, environmental lawyers can work for the prosecutor’s office or in private exercise comprising customers in criminal cases where charges have been laid as a result of environmental offences.
An important part of our practice is in helping customers evaluate and avoid environmental risks. This involves working with environmental professionals in evaluating risk in professional dealings, in suggesting customers on not only current, but anticipated future lawful responsibility, and in offering the appropriate strategic guidance during transaction negotiations.

Mining Laws

Businesses and individuals involved in the discovery market regularly deal with an array of lawful and business issues that range from day-to-day personnel and operating issues to complex control and lawsuits matters. Policies and procedures associated with dangerous materials, land maintenance, air and water quality, the security of vulnerable species, mine safety and medical concerns require discovery market management to stay cautious with regard to conformity and violation management.
We have a long history of offering top quality attorney to customers in the mining industry. Our mining industry lawyers offer comprehensive services with regards to the financing and development of projects including the exploration, extraction, processing, transport and sale of non-ferrous and gold and silver, fossil fuel and other minerals.


Our telecoms lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the professional and technological aspects of the telecoms market and continually monitor market improvements in North America and Europe. We offer our customer’s realistic and sector-specific attorney in order to successfully meet areas of today's rapidly developing international telecoms market.
Our lawyers offer a full variety of telecommunications advice regarding regulation, transactions, and conflicts in a variety of areas, including wireline and broadband, wireless, satellite, and Internet and e-commerce, as well as technology. Our customers include service providers, equipment providers, electric resources, and government authorities.

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